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“No Exit [-19]”

"Hell is (a Zoom call with) other people." - Jean-Paul Sartre, most likely   Over the past few weeks, Team C&G has been hard at work examining what it means to create theatre during a quarantine. This Saturday, we're excited...
Silhouette of a person, arms open, welcoming the sunrise

The Sunlight Sessions (Quarantine Edition)

Episode 1: "Creating Stillness" w/ Brian Pickowicz Episode 2: "Backyard Yoga Flow" w/ Janine Montag Episode 3: "Breath & Relaxation" w/ Jordan Rosin Episode 4: "Hip Hop Friday" w/ Joseph Baca Episode 5: "Visualize Peace" w/ Kaitlyn Samuel Rosin

“MAMA MAMA” // Coronavirus Update

Dear Friends, As we're sure you’re well aware, public gatherings across the country have started to shut down to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 — from Broadway to Disneyland and from OSF to the NBA. And while the decision...
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Mama Mama Can’t You See

MEET THE CAST NOTE: MAMA MAMA has been postponed indefinitely to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To read the full message from Artistic Director Zach Davidson, click HERE. _____ Mama Mama Can't You See By Stan Mayer and Cecilia...
C&Gad Hamlet - Ay My Lord

LA Weekly Theatre Pick: “Bad Hamlet”

Originally posted HERE by Lina Lecaro   How well do you know Hamlet? Shakespeare gets a remix in Bad Hamlet, an interactive new take on the theatrical classic that meshes its myriad interpretations via the public into a uniquely entertaining...
Coin & Ghost's "Bad Hamlet" Directed by Rob Adler

Bad Hamlet (Alt)

"Uniquely entertaining...innovative in a few different ways." - LA Weekly "Shakespeare for a new generation." - Accessibly Live Off-Line "As a company, Coin & Ghost clearly has talent and ambition."  - Stage Raw Coin & Ghost's "BAD HAMLET" Directed by...
Coin & Ghost's "Bad Hamlet" Directed by Rob Adler

Bad Hamlet (Old)

Coin & Ghost's "BAD HAMLET" Directed by Rob Adler Preview: 7/25 Performances: 7/26-8/24 Thurs - Sat, 8pm At New American Theatre 1312 N. Wilton Pl. _____ MEET THE TEAM Coin & Ghost, LA’s theatrical home for remixed mythology, launches into...
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