“I Yield My Time, Fuck You.”

In June 2020, LA City Council held what was supposed to be a regular Budget & Finance Committee Meeting.

Before voting on Mayor Garcetti’s proposed budget, they opened the meeting up for public comments…and what followed was an incredible display of public engagement. For nearly two and a half hours, councilmembers listened as callers gave them an earful on subjects like LAPD misconduct, LA’s pandemic response, and re-allocating city funds to better represent the needs of the people.

Many of these calls ended with the same sentence, which has since become a rallying cry for change: “I yield my time; fuck you.”

For the next month, Coin & Ghost — LA’s theatrical home for remixed mythologies — worked with an ensemble of performers to build an original project, using the text from these calls as source material.

WHAT: “I Yield My Time, Fuck You.” (a new digital project from Coin & Ghost)
WHEN: Saturday, August 22nd at 7pm (full video to be posted soon)
WHERE: Anywhere with an internet connection. The project was streamed live via Twitch (twitch.tv/coinandghost)
HOW MUCH: It is absolutely FREE to RSVP, but we hope you’ll consider making a donation to support our extraordinary cast!

Production Team

Director: Niki Armato
Assistant Director: Zach Davidson
Video Wizardry: Will Cotter
Script: Devised by Niki Armato, Zach Davidson, and the Ensemble
from the Public Comments section of recent City Council meetings


Joseph Baca
Gabriela Bonet
Diego de los Andes
Taniya Faulk
Donna Simone Johnson
Ronin Lee
Rosa Lisbeth Navarrete
Akshaya Pattanayak
Hannah Trujillo

Teaser Trailer: IYMTFU




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  • so sorry I missed the yield my time fu event. Please let me know when it gets posted and put me on your email list for whatever comes up next!

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