Glitter, Decay, and Sunlight: A Coin & Ghost Manifesto

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Give me a theatre I can believe in.

Broken, bloody, and beautiful.

Stage plays as prayer hands, give me theatre that fucks.
No ivory towers. No museum hallways. I want a dive bar,
A home for the reckless, for consciousness, adventure, electricity.
Impossible by design.
Stagecraft, witchcraft, faithful.
Glitter, decay, and sunlight.

No facades,
no false niceties,
illusions, yes, pretending, never.
Its value lies in the depths of its authenticity.
It risks failure, and in doing so, risks making something real — even if just for a moment.

I want to feel (anything, everything).
I want theatre that lights fires.
I want to breathe in the smoke.

The theatre is dying, and it always has been.
The theatre is vibrantly alive, and it always will be.

— ZRD 12.28.22

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