Silhouette of a person, arms open, welcoming the sunrise

The Sunlight Sessions (Quarantine Edition)

Episode 1: "Creating Stillness" w/ Brian Pickowicz Episode 2: "Backyard Yoga Flow" w/ Janine Montag Episode 3: "Breath & Relaxation" w/ Jordan Rosin Episode 4: "Hip Hop Friday" w/ Joseph Baca Episode 5: "Visualize Peace" w/ Kaitlyn Samuel Rosin Episode...

Butoh: Alchemy of the Spirit (Sept. 2017)

A two-day masterclass with Jordan Rosin, hosted by Coin & Ghost September 7th and 8th, 2017 -- 6-9pm CLICK HERE to register!   Drawing on a decade of body-based research into energy anatomy, yoga, Butoh dance, and related disciplines, award-winning physical...

The Sunlight Sessions (Jan. 2016)

“Refresh. Align. Get your shit together.” In January of 2016, we developed and hosted THE SUNLIGHT SESSIONS -- a free, half-day artists’ retreat. Created from a desire to start the year by refreshing/recharging the soul, cultivating collective abundance, and opening...
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