Mama Mama Can’t You See (2023)

VISUALLY CAPTIVATING … surprisingly tender … a strong cast, who give as much emotionally as they do physically.” – Julia Stier, Stage Raw 

“WOW! DARINGLY RISK-TAKING AND THRILLINGLY THEATRICAL … a production quite unlike any other I’ve seen in my fifteen-plus years of reviewing … a hair-raisingly hallucinogenic trip that adventurous theatergoers won’t want to miss.” – Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

MASTERFULLY WRITTEN BY CECILIA FAIRCHILD AND STAN MAYER … a production that will never be forgotten … What a brilliant cast!!!” – Amalisha HuEck, Discover Hollywood

“Riveting … powerfully athletic … HOW A WAR STORY NEEDS TO BE TOLD.– Dick Price, Sharon Kyle & Linnea Friberg-Price, Hollywood Progressive 

ROCKIN’, BRAVE, AND SURREAL … I can’t get it out of my mind and heart. And to be honest, I don’t want to.” – Leilani Squire, Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative

“Timeless … the talented actors offer A FINELY NUANCED PORTRAYAL OF WAR AND ITS LASTING EFFECTS. And they can even sing up a storm.” – Elaine Mura, Splash Magazine

EMOTIONAL AND RAW… authentically told… takes the audience on a journey of the dangers of ‘freedom’ and the mental toll it takes on those defending it.” – Emilie St. John, 2 Urban Girls


Mama Mama Can’t You See
By Stan Mayer and Cecilia Fairchild
Directed by Zach Davidson

Nov 10 – Dec 10
Thurs-Sat at 8pm, Sun 7pm
520 N. Western Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004


Mama Mama Can’t You See may be based on Stan Mayer’s life as a U.S. Marine, but don’t get it twisted: this is not a play about war. It’s a play about how to tell a war story.

The characters — four Iraq War Marines and four sex workers from the American Civil War — are helping Stan to recount the events of May 7th, 2005, when an explosion and the ensuing firefight killed Aaron, Doc, Mike, and his best friend, Lance. It was half a lifetime ago, but the remembering makes it now, and through the generous act of remembering, the characters — including Mayer, played by the real-life Stan — start to blur the boundaries of time, space, truth, and death itself.

Mama Mama is a highly physical, sensual, funny, angry, and surreal meditation on modern warfare and the cost of telling a true story.


The performance runs approximately 95 minutes, and will be presented without an intermission.

No late seating. All sales are final.

For the Thursday, November 30th performance, the role of WANDA will be played by Stephanie Lee.



Mama Mama Can’t You See contains vivid descriptions of war and violence which that may be triggering to some audiences, particularly those with combat experience and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. This production also makes use of explicit/graphic language, simulated sex acts, herbal cigarettes, theatrical haze, strobe lighting effects, and sudden loud sounds.



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