The Index of Forbidden Books

Coin & Ghost is now accepting submissions for our Spring 2023 solo performance festival, “The Index of Forbidden Books.” 

The festival takes its name from a longtime censorship tool of the Catholic Church — the OG banned book list, if you will — which was updated every few years from 1557 until its abolition in 1966. This Index was a comprehensive list of publications deemed heretical, disruptive, or contrary to the morality of the Church, and was used to ban authors like Voltaire, Descartes, Dante, Galileo, Kant, Casanova, Sartre, George Sand, Victor Hugo, and Marquis de Sade (to name a few).

C&G’s festival — comprised of original 5-10 -minute solo performances — will use The Index as its unifying theme:

    • What feelings, thoughts, or ideas have been deemed “too dangerous” to discuss?
    • Which parts of you have you been socialized to hide? 
    • What topics feel like they are off-limits, even in today’s world? 

This is an interdisciplinary festival; feel free to propose a monologue, sure — or a spoken word poem, an instrumental, a movement piece, clowning, magic, stand-up, or any other medium that speaks to you as you to explore the prompt. As long as your piece is grounded in the festival’s theme (with bonus points for proposals that tie to an existing historical, literary, or cultural mythology), meets the 5-10 minute time parameter, and is a solo performance…let your imagination run wild in both content and form.

The festival will take place April 28th-30th at Highways Performance Space. Rehearsals will be scheduled independently around performer availability. All participants will be paid.


Don’t consider yourself a writer/performer? Not located in Southern California? Submit your project idea anyways! We may be able to pair you with another artist to help bring your vision to life.

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