The Sunlight Sessions (Jan. 2018)

Jan. 30th, 2018 6-11pm
@ The Pico
10508 W. Pico Blvd.

We all know how easy it is for the stress of daily life to pull the artist off of their creative path. That’s why Coin & Ghost created “The Sunlight Sessions.”

Launched in early 2016, The Sunlight Sessions are C&G’s unique brand of half-day retreats, designed to realign artists of all disciplines with a.) the community surrounding them, and b.) their individual strengths, goals, and passions.

This year’s Sunlight Sessions, hosted by The Pico, will include six mini-workshops from some of LA’s young arts leaders, covering topics like Creative Resistance, Yoga, Visual Storytelling, and more (details below). Previous Sessions have included physical explorations, writing prompts, ensemble-building, guided meditation, and goal-setting, and have been live-streamed to participants across the United States.

The Sunlight Sessions create a space and a place for artists to recharge, cultivate a collective abundance, and open up to aaaaaalll the goodness that is headed their way. Please bring a bottle of water, clothes you’re comfortable moving in, and something to write with/on.

~ Refresh. Align. Get Your Sh*t Together. ~
The Sunlight Sessions, powered by Coin & Ghost.


2018 Workshops and Instructors:

“Yoga Sesh” w/ Janine Montag
Strengthen and ground your body and mind through the flow & movement of yoga. Use your breath to connect to the moment and calm your thoughts as you enter a new month!

“Creative Resistance” w/ Sabina Zuniga Varela
Artists are a necessary part of civilization, especially during times of separatism and conflict. When we take time to reflect on our personal stories of resistance, accomplishments, and desires, we can help hold each other accountable for continuing our path in our crucial craft. Through guided conversation, partner activities, and writing exercises, Varela will help workshop participants create mission statements for their creative journeys, in order to connect and commit to their role in this universe as storytellers for change.

“Matching Waveforms” w/ Spencer Cristovale
Using the program VirtualDJ, Cristovale will teach the techniques he uses to match and blend sounds to create original compositions.

“Capoiera/Floreio Creations” w/ Abe Martell
This workshop will be centered around the creation of movement, by exploring the fundamentals of Capoiera as a way to integrate complex movements known as Floreios. Listening and partner work will be paramount to the process.

“Intro to Clowning” w/ Julia Davis
Davis’ workshop will focus on one of the most important and vital aspects of clown: connecting with the audience. Exercises will center on the ways the Clown listens and shares with the audience, even when unsure of what they are going to do next. Prepare to play, laugh, and be absolutely ridiculous!

“Creative Space Within Intimate Partnerships” w/ Cecilia Fairchild & Stan Mayer
A workshop for artist couples, with a focus on creativity and collaboration. Fairchild and Mayer will lead participants through explorations of the question, “How can you build on each others voices without steamrolling each others shit?”


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