“Room By The Sea” at ANW

Room by the Sea -- by John Guerra

From December 2nd to December 7th, 2019, C&G was back in residence at A Noise Within to develop a new play by John Guerra, Room by the Sea.

Every day, the boy in the wheelchair sits on a ledge and dreams of flight, while his architect father frets about their future. That is, until the king of their small island nation makes the architect an offer: he will make the architect’s son comfortable and wealthy for the rest of his days. And in return, all the architect must do is complete one last job. The project? To create a structure that is bigger on the inside than out–a place so vast and complex that a person could wander its halls for a lifetime and never go the same way twice. But what could this impossible structure be for? And what will it mean if the architect is successful?

Room by the Sea is a story you know. It’s a story of parents, children, class, and coming-of-age. But it is also the story of something else. Something monstrous.

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