“No Exit [-19]”

“Hell is (a Zoom call with) other people.”
– Jean-Paul Sartre, most likely

Named by LA Weekly as their “Existential Hell Pick” of the week!


In early April 2020, Team C&G got to work examining what it means to create theatre during a quarantine. On April 11th, we shared with you our first remote production…


What? Jean-Paul Sartre’s existential classic, “No Exit [-19]”

Why? It seems like an excellent time to explore a text centered on the idea that hell is not eternal physical torture, it’s just being stuck in a room with people you don’t want to be with.

When? Saturday, April 11th at 6 and 8:30pm (PST)

Where? From the comfort/confines of your own home

How? We performed the piece as a site-specific project…and the site was Zoom.

Suggested donation: $5
Half the proceeds were donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund

CLICK HERE to make a donation!

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