Mama Mama Can’t You See

An exploding Humvee, silhouetted in a giant middle finger.

NOTE: MAMA MAMA has been postponed indefinitely to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. To read the full message from Artistic Director Zach Davidson, click HERE.


Mama Mama Can’t You See
By Stan Mayer and Cecilia Fairchild
Directed by Zach Davidson

Performance Schedule TBD

At New American Theatre

1312 N. Wilton Pl.

“How odd it was, that being dead was so much like being alive.”


Coin & Ghost, LA’s theatrical home for remixed mythology, presents the world premiere of Stan Mayer & Cecilia Fairchild’s Mama Mama Can’t You SeeBased on Mayer’s life as a U.S. Marine, the play is a unique, existential war story, marrying physicality and surrealism to give an emotional context to the landscape of war.

Mama Mama centers on a particularly harrowing moment from Mayer’s first deployment to Iraq: May 7th, 2005, when his Humvee was struck by a suicide vehicle-borne IED. His gunner and best friend, Lance, was killed immediately. Mayer woke up in the burning Humvee, then stepped out into a deadly firefight. This play is a metaphysical meditation on that moment. The experience of modern war becomes a shared identity among four Marines in Iraq and four sex workers from the American Civil War, who find themselves crossing paths in the space between life and death, a moment that resonates into eternity.



Ticket price should never be the reason you can’t see a show you’re excited about. That’s why for Mama Mama, we will be offering Pay-What-You-Can tickets for our preview and every performance during the second and third weekends our run.  That’s seven opportunities to see live theatre in Los Angeles — a world premiere — at whatever price you can afford. #ThanksMama


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