Native Land – Acknowledgment and Resources

Coin & Ghost – both the company itself and its contributing artists – live, create, and collaborate on stolen land. The land colonially known as “Los Angeles” was originally and still is inhabited and cared for by the Kizh, Tongva, and Gabrielino Peoples (alongside their neighbors in the region, the Tataviam, Chumash, and Serrano).

We must protect and honor the history and people of these places. 

We recognize that this area, like many others across North America and around the world, was colonized through genocide, forced removal, slavery, broken treaties, and other acts of cruelty, greed, and oppression. This acknowledgment represents our responsibility to our home and its people, as well as our commitment to seeking truth, to honoring tribal elders and descendants, to healing, and to stewardship. In short: we seek an authentic, generous relationship with the land and its original inhabitants.


Note: land acknowledgments are only one small part of supporting Indigenous communities. We hope our statement will inspire others to stand with us in solidarity with Native nations, which could also take the form of:

    • Donating time and money to Indigenous-led organizations.
    • Amplifying the voices of Indigenous people leading grassroots change movements.
    • Returning land.


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