Coin & Ghost’s “Fortunate Son: A Faust Myth”
Written by Cecilia Fairchild
Directed by Zach Davidson

10/20 – 11/12, 2017
The Ruby Theatre @ The Complex (6476 Santa Monica Blvd.)


The German legend of Faust centers on a successful (yet dissatisfied) scholar who makes a pact with the devil: his eternal soul in exchange for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. “Fortunate Son: A Faust Myth” is a wild new adaptation of this timeless classic, remixed and imagined like never before.

Set in post-Vietnam New Orleans, “Fortunate Son” follows the story of John Faust (a writer-turned-critic wracked with survivor’s guilt) as he battles both his internal and external demons. Like all great adventures, his journey involves dance battles, heavy drinking, witchcraft, and uninvited blues music. It is a physical whirlwind born out of collective mythology, and it leans as heavily into heightened poetry as it does into lowbrow clown.

“Fortunate Son: A Faust Myth” was written by Cecilia Fairchild and directed by Coin & Ghost Artistic Director, Zach Davidson.

Click here to check out the “Fortunate Son” soundtrack on Spotify!

** “Fortunate Son” was inspired by our 2015 workshop, “Too Faust, Too Furious,” presented as a part of the CalArts New Works Festival.




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