[October 16th, 2018 at VS Theatre. To request an audition slot, please CLICK HERE and select all times for which you are available.]


In February of 2019, Coin & Ghost will premiere “UNTITLED ANTIGONE.” The project — the final show of C&G’s first season — will juxtapose Sophocles’ classic text against the modern-day destruction of Black bodies at the hands of the criminal justice system. The script, which is being written by playwright/poet Lisa Marie Rollins, will be developed alongside the cast during a two-week workshop process. The play will be directed by Coin & Ghost Associate Artistic Director, Kendall Johnson.


Projected Timeline: 

Workshop – Nov 12-26 (off 22 & 23 for Thanksgiving)

Rehearsal – Dec 11-21, Jan 3-25, Jan 25-31 (Tech)

Performance – Feb 1-March 3






For the cast, we are seeking 3-5 African-American women. The piece — including specific characters — will be created based on the ensemble we find throughout the audition process.


FOR THE AUDITIONS, we are asking you to prepare two things:

-A one-minute monologue

-One minute of ANYTHING YOU LIKE. This can be another monologue, a song, dance, story, rubik’s cube solution, tuba solo, magic trick, cocktail recipe, or whatever else you want to share with us. Like all of our projects, UNTITLED ANTIGONE will be a revolutionary, imaginative, collaboratively-built project, and we want to see what you choose to bring in. Now, whether that’s a special skill, a passion, or simply a moment of whimsy that’s up to you.


*** Coin & Ghost is an extremely physical theatre company, so please consider using your audition to show us how you move. ***


Auditions will be Tuesday, October 16th. To request an audition slot, please CLICK HERE and select all times for which you are available. You can also contact us at We look forward to meeting you and seeing your work!

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