[October 16th, 2018 at VS Theatre. To request an audition slot, please CLICK HERE and select all times for which you are available.]


In February of 2019, Coin & Ghost will premiere “UNTITLED ANTIGONE.” The project — the final show of C&G’s first season — will juxtapose Sophocles’ classic text against the modern-day destruction of Black bodies at the hands of the criminal justice system. The script, which is being written by playwright/poet Lisa Marie Rollins, will be developed alongside the cast during a two-week workshop process. The play will be directed by Coin & Ghost Associate Artistic Director, Kendall Johnson.


Projected Timeline: 

Workshop – Nov 12-26 (off 22 & 23 for Thanksgiving)

Rehearsal – Dec 11-21, Jan 3-25, Jan 25-31 (Tech)

Performance – Feb 1-March 3






For the cast, we are seeking 3-5 African-American women. The piece — including specific characters — will be created based on the ensemble we find throughout the audition process.


FOR THE AUDITIONS, we are asking you to prepare two things:

-A one-minute monologue

-One minute of ANYTHING YOU LIKE. This can be another monologue, a song, dance, story, rubik’s cube solution, tuba solo, magic trick, cocktail recipe, or whatever else you want to share with us. Like all of our projects, UNTITLED ANTIGONE will be a revolutionary, imaginative, collaboratively-built project, and we want to see what you choose to bring in. Now, whether that’s a special skill, a passion, or simply a moment of whimsy that’s up to you.


*** Coin & Ghost is an extremely physical theatre company, so please consider using your audition to show us how you move. ***


Auditions will be Tuesday, October 16th. To request an audition slot, please CLICK HERE and select all times for which you are available. You can also contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to meeting you and seeing your work!

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