A Different Way To Play

In order to create plays, we must PLAY. We must bravely, joyfully, and powerfully experiment, make mistakes, and refine. Great art requires RISK on the part of the artist. We believe in ADVENTUROUS THEATRE, because we believe that all honest answers lie in the unknown.

We also believe in theatre that is ACCESSIBLE to both audience and artist:

  1. Good theatre should be available to EVERYONE, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, location, disability, or socio-economic status. Everyone deserves the right to viscerally understand and appreciate “the classics” — works that we, as a culture, have been socially conditioned to believe are only for the elite.

2. Artists deserve to be paid for their work. If we expect world-class artistry, we cannot ask our artists to VOLUNTEER their time and talents after working a full day of their survival job.

In the Los Angeles theatre scene, these two beliefs are often incorrectly treated as mutually exclusive — “You can EITHER have low ticket prices, OR you can pay your artists.”

We believe there’s a better way to play.

A way that is adventurous.

A way that is accessible, to both artist and audience.

We are constantly evaluating our own practices in an effort to pursue these goals, and we draw inspiration from a diverse series of existing working models, near and far, arts and business.

The current paradigm for producing LA theatre is, in and of itself, a mythology that we are prepared to remix.

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