SíZa Dance Company

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About SíZa: 

SíZa is an all-female dance ensemble that heavily focuses on political and social activism. SíZa has independently produced fundraisers and shows such as “Planned Parenthood and Jam,” “YEAR ONE,” and “keep and bear”. SíZa has also performed in various festivals across Southern California including Los Angeles Dance Fringe Festival, Orange County Dance Festival, James MahKween’s REFLECT Series, Rosanna Gamson’s TERRA NOVA, and more. The company has been featured in various publications including Modest Truth Mag’s, “New Faces of Politics”, as well as My Honey and Co.’s “Killer Bee” Issue. SíZa is affiliated with local organizations such as Artist Rise Up Los Angeles (ARULA), ALLIN, and is now fortunate enough to expand their horizons to include Coin and Ghost as their new fiscal sponsor!



About Lyndsi Zapata:

Lyndsi Zapata is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of SíZa Dance Company. She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and moved to the LA area to earn her BFA in Dance from California Institute of the Arts. After graduating, Zapata founded her dance company, SíZa, as a commitment to choreograph about current events, as well as investigating political and social issues through movement.
Articles on SíZa:
– LA Dance Chronicle, “AKOMIDANCE HOSTED A STRONG SECOND YEAR FOR THE OC DANCE FESTIVAL” May 2018: http://www.ladancechronicle.com/akomidance-hosted-a-strong-second-year-for-the-oc-dance-festival/
– LA Dance Chronicle, May 2018: “SIZA DANCE COMPANY DEBUTS AT THE FLIGHT THEATRE, HOLLYWOOD COMPLEX” http://www.ladancechronicle.com/siza-dance-company-debuts-at-the-flight-theatre-hollywood-complex/
– “Killer Bee” February Issue 2017, Lyndsi Zapata https://fembotmag.com/2017/02/07/honeys-killer-bee-of-the-month-lyndsi/


Photo credits:

1. Performance: Los Angeles Dance Fringe 2. Performance: Los Angeles Dance Fringe 3. Performance: Orange County Dance Festival 2018, “YEAR ONE”Dancers (front): Eva Flores, (back, left to right): Tyree Marshall, MaijaLisa Miltz, Alan Perez, Lyla Palmer / Photographer: Vytas Barauskas. 4. Performance: “keep and bear” 2018Dancers (left to right): Jasmine Christopher, MarieElena Martingano / Photographer: George Simian (insta: @george_simian). 5. Performance: “keep and bear” 2018Dancer: MaijaLisa Miltz / Photographer: George Simian (insta: @george_simian). 6. Rehearsal: “keep and bear” 2018Dancer: Janine Montag / Photographer: Andrew Wofford (insta: @andrewwofford). 7. Rehearsal: “keep and bear” 2018Dancers (left to right): Janine Montag, Eva Flores, MaijaLisa Miltz / Photographer: Andrew Wofford (insta: @andrewwofford) 8. Rehearsal: “keep and bear” 2018Dancers (left to right): Irene Roberts, MaijaLisa Miltz, Janine Montag / Photographer: Andrew Wofford (insta: @andrewwofford)

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