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  1. Theatre that is ACCESSIBLE, WILD, and AUTHENTIC
  2. Educational Programs that inspire UNAPOLOGETIC CREATIVITY in others

For that — and for your commitment to keeping theatre alive and well in the city of Los Angeles — we thank you, from the bottom of our weird, weird hearts. Coin & Ghost is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit; all donations are tax-deductible.


Ashley Angione
Niki Armato
Joseph Baca
Ballast Point Brewing Co.
The Cantor Family *
Nancy Linehan Charles
Jamie Cline
H. Davidson and G. Winer *
T. Davidson & B. Greenberg *
Z. Davidson & E. Rosin *
Alex Demers
John Farmanesh-Bocca

Ashley Eskew
Alex Garland
Ellen Geer
Jonathan Harris
Julia Henning
Ryan Hilt
Kendall Johnson
M. Johnson & J. Mitchell
Mike King
Drea Lewark
Rob Lynch
Dave Mack

Elizabeth MacLellan
Steven Marovitch
Marston’s Restaurant
R. & K. Cuilla Martinez
Chris Porter
Fred Ramsey
W. Rothhaar & J. Amen
Sadie Schwolsky
Rachel Shull
Andrew Wofford
James Shepherd

* Member of Coin & Ghost’s FOUNDERS CIRCLE

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